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TCF Curriculum is the center piece of all efforts aimed at achieving our vision - creating agents of positive change. It promotes an interactive, child-centered teaching approach with emphasis on hands-on activities that help children explore, reason, understand, and enjoy the learning process.

Our curriculum is a rich blend of concepts identified in the National Curriculum and themes emphasized in other international curricula as well as activities of personal and moral development. The academic team has established realistic yet challenging benchmarks from kindergarten to grade VIII that determine the course of learning for children in each year at school before they take state examinations.

TCF uses a mix of textbooks to achieve these graded benchmarks. Along with the books prescribed by different Textbooks Boards, TCF has introduced books and material by leading publishers as well. The academic team on the other hand has also developed various handbooks and detailed Teachers Guides across subjects to bring in quality and strengthen the process of teaching and learning. These teachers guides enhance active learning particularly at pre-primary level to build a stronger base which would ultimately help them in later years.

TCF views learning as holistic and hence art, physical education, and activities for social and moral development form an integral part of curriculum. TCF Faculty regularly involve children in games, sports and art work with help of guidelines and activities highlighted in the handbooks. Also, the schools organize annual Students Week that holds various competitions for children such as essay writing, poster painting, speeches and debates, tableau, and games.