Donation Information

A large-scale Education Programme, with a growing network of schools, requires support in various capacities and large resources of funds.

The Education Programme of TCF is funded entirely with donations and we request you to join us in our cause to fight illiteracy and help us bring hope and happiness to the children of Pakistan.

Please review below the present estimated costs (in Pak Rupees) of supporting and building TCF Campuses, as well as supporting and educating TCF Students.

  • Pak RupeesSupport Education
  • 1,250Educate a child for 1 month
  • 15,000Educate a child for 1 year
  • 165,000Educate a child from KG to Matriculation

  • 30,000Sponsor a classroom for 1 month
  • 360,000Sponsor a classroom for 1 year

  • 185,000Support a school-unit for 1 month
  • 2,200,000Support a school-unit for 1 year

  • 1,000Sponsor a set of TCF school books
  • 100,000Sponsor re-stocking of a school library
  • 300,000Sponsor the replacement of old school furniture
  • 850,000Sponsor a school van for teacher transportation

  • Endowment
  • 22,000,000Lifetime Support for a school

  • Scholarships*
  • 18,000Scholarship for Intermediate level studies
  • 600,000Scholarship for Higher Education
  • * This support is subject to case on case basis. For further details please contact the Alumni Department on or 111-823-823

  • Build-a-School
  • 17,100,000Build a Primary School
  • 7,300,000Support a Primary School for 3 years
  • 24,400,000New Primary School - Total

  • 18,300,000Build a Secondary School
  • 7,300,000Support a Secondary School for 3 years
  • 25,600,000New Secondary School - Total

  • Funds

General Education Fund
Donations towards this fund will go towards providing primary & secondary education to children

141 Schools for Peace (General Build) Fund

TCF has committed to dedicating a campus each to the lives lost in the Dec 16, 2014 attack on Peshawar school. Donations to this fund will accrue towards the construction cost and endowment of the 141 Schools for Peace Campus(es)

General Endowment Fund
Donations towards this fund will go towards our general endowment pool.

Alumni Scholarship Fund
The fund will facilitate alumni career counselling & provide support in the form of scholarships for college, vocational education and higher education

'Innovation in Education' Fund
The fund will support projects, pilots and initiatives that would help TCF improve quality, reduce cost or expand its scale of operations.

'Community Development & Female Empowerment' Fund
The fund will support projects and activities aimed at community uplift and women empowerment. Some of our current TCF programs that will be funded from these donations are Aagahi Adult Literacy Program, Vocational Training Program, & Clean Water Project.

* For more information on any of the General Funds, please contact our Donor Services Team at UAN: 111-823-823 or email

    Please note
  • For cost efficiency, secondary schools are built as dual units. However donors can build or support a single unit.
  • Costs are for build cycle of 2016-17. Rates may vary for different locations and are subject to revision based on cement and steel prices. These are average construction costs.
  • Each Build-a-School Project can be taken up only with the provision of school support for a minimum of three years. (included in above, Build-a-School cost).
  • All constructions in earthquake zones will take into account costs for special earthquake resistant architecture.